NUMEROLOGY – The Meaning of Numbers

Everything is expressed mathematically from chemistry and physics to music and the way living things grow. Numerology is the study of how the mathematical signature of who you are affects the world around you. Numerology can be applied to just about anything, however significant parallels are almost always found in the name and birthdate of a person which correlates with who they are and how they express themselves.

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When you experience a numerical alignment you align yourself with the principle of magnetic abundance. The key here is the word “magnetic”. Joining the flow of life rather than pushing for what you want. Opening a path to your own personal conscious evolution, increasing awareness of your own life and the lives of others. You can actually feel a shift in your body and your thought process when this happens. You’ll notice that opportunities increase and more positive experiences occur in all aspects of your life’s journey.

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Leah Sinclaire has been studying numerology for almost 20 years, compiling data from many traditions and personal experience.  She has found a previously unknown method of analysis which explores a person’s life in depth, including the essence of who you are and the contracts you came to Earth to fufill. She also discovered that the destiny of your name is key in actualizing all of who you are.

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Discover Your Greatest Self.

If you are not living with a numerically aligned name, you are not able to fully express your divine potential that was given to you as your birth right.

Your best attributes, gifts and talents are enhanced when you are aligned.  Some people experience the true joy of living for the first time after an alignment.

Becoming aligned is easy.  Simply book a session with Master Numerologist Leah Sinclaire and she will gently guide you and aid you through the world of numerology.  You will learn more about yourself than you thought possible for another person to know!

I had a great session with Leah… I am grateful to have had this opportunity and would recommend it to any one that is looking to really align themselves to their power and purpose.

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The moment you are named the mathematics of your destiny kick in. Ideally you’ve got a great destiny with a built in abundance principle that can influence you positively allowing you to create a successful and fulfilling life. Most often the average destiny can present qualities that provide challenges for you to work through. You’re not even aware that your name’s destiny could be the cause of these experiences.

Knowing your destiny is essential for you to step fully into who you are. Is your life producing the result you want? If not, did you know that you can change it?

Alignment with the magnetic abundance principle opens that door. You will then have the key to accessing the best destiny that will serve you. This allows you to be magnetically at cause of your life, rather than effect.

When you take it into your own hands and become aligned, either by booking a session with Leah, or taking the alignment numerology course, you are taking action that will permanently improve your life.